Confusion with Pregabalin

Confusion with Pregabalin


Confusion in a patient with anxiety treated with pregabalin


A female patient in her 30's was prescribed Pregabalin 25 mg nocte to treat generalised anxiety disorder. She was also on a SSRI. She tolerated the Pregabalin 25 mg. When the dose of Pregabalin was increased to 50 mg nocte, she experienced acute episode of confusion. She had no memory of the two days she took the increased dose of Pregabalin. She self ceased the medication and the confusion resolved within 24 hours. Though cognitive changes are noted in some patients while taking Pregabalin, prolonged period of confusion and amnesia is unlikely. Clinicians prescribing Pregabalin to patients should be aware of this side effects.

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Confusion with Pregabalin

Feb 05, 2024